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Giclee Equipment

After extensive testing we have settled with the Epson Pro Graphics printer line. Epson has provided print head technology to other manufacturers such as Roland and Colorspan.

Below is a list of our printing and finishing equipment:

Epson 9800

Epson 9880 K3 with vivid magenta - 44" wide

Improved gamut and a third black ink level with a total of 8 inks. New vivid Magenta and light magenta for better blue gamut.

Variable droplet size that can produce three different sizes per line.

More scratch resistance due to the new K3 pigment formulation.

Metamerism is virtually eliminated as well as gloss differential.


Epson 11880

Epson 11880 K3 with vivid magenta - 64" wide

Released by Epson in November 2007, this is arguably the most advanced printer on the market. Nine-Channel MicroPiezo® TFP™, a first in any printer, as well as a vivid magenta for great blue saturation are features only available on this platform. K3 inks are the choice of fine art printing with giclee ateliers around the world.


Giclee Coating

Spray Equipment for Giclee

We use a high power, 3 stage turbine driven spray to coat your giclee prints. Spraying is the recommended method for Ultrachrome inks.

Software: The giclee process depends not only on human skills and hardware. Software is as important. Besides Photoshop, an industry standard, we employ a RIP (Raster Image Processing) to send the files to the printer. We settled on Imageprint by Colorbyte because it is a RIP with great image rendering capabilities. Imageprint has proprietary profiles for hundreds of papers.


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