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Fine Art Printing

Giclée refers to a sophisticated inkjet printing method merging the use of professional grade large format printers with archival inks, acid free watercolor papers and canvas. By using custom profiles, precise color correction and expert scanning, giclée printing can render subtle gradations and many colors that would be out of range with other technologies. We employ Epson printers with K3 pigment inks. All art substrates used are archival and acid free. Only American and European made papers and canvas are used.

Our prints are made on pure cotton mould made papers from the most prestigious manufacturers in the world including Epson, Hahnemuhle, Sihl and Fredrix. We are also in the process of offering Aluminum prints (metal prints). We are located in Port Richey, minutes away from Tampa. We serve the major art markets of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco as well as remote areas in Alaska. We have shipped our work to all 50 states so we have quite a bit of experience in dealing remotely. What you gain is real giclee printing expertise since 1996, at a fraction of the cost of major local markets. Same materials, "the best on the market" and superior service. Yes, cost is an overhead but it is worth it.  We roll your prints into a 6" wide tube for shipping for a flat fee. We do not mount canvas unless the job is big. The reason is that we employ only the best wood and we cater to professionals. Giclee is an exquisite method as long as who makes them is skilled and cares about quality more than price. You get what you pay for, right?

We beat any competitor's price (click here for details).........................................................................

Speak directly with a printmaker, not a receptionist - The goal is to make the process as easy as it can be.

Talking to salespeople or receptionists who do not have any in depth knowledge of fine art printing? Your technical questions and concerns are always addressed by the printmaker before, during and after the order is processed. . Need help with the selection of paper and canvas? We have articles on the topic on the right column. All work is exclusively performed at our location near Tampa, FL. Giclée printing is not just a matter of pushing a button and have a machine do the work. There is a considerable amount of skill in pre production in order to make the best print. We use proprietary systems to create the most accurate and archival prints.. Most of our customers actually prefer the print to their own originals. Many artists are new to the proces and we totally understand. This is why we put great emphasis on having an expert explain the details.


Museum grade giclée printing for professionals

In the last few years a crop of companies has emerged with ridiculously low prices for "giclée" prints .Most of these prints are made on ecosolvent machines and materials. While the ecosolvent inks are on average fairly decent for decor printing, they do not approach the quality, color fidelity and detail that the aqueous inks can render. The consequence is obvious; water based pigmented inks (which is what we use), are superior in quality and are fit to print only the best possible giclee. It is a niche market, not a mass one. After all not everyone wants a Bentley or a Porsche but our scope is to create museum quality giclees, one by one, often with repeat proofing. But the results are exquisite. After all you get what you pay for but you will be surprised at the affordability of our system even if we use high end materials and expert color handling.

Custom fine art printing from beginning to end

Every file sent to us is opened and tested for color, resolution and shadow/highlight information. We do not retouch, color correct or resize any image supplied to us unless requested by the client. Ordered proofs are printed on the final output substrate (i.e. canvas or watercolor), not generic proofing paper. When provided with original art we will scan, correct and proof to be as close as possible to the original. Our systems are tightly calibrated to create true to the original fine art reproductions.

Our Prices

Although we do not have set up fees for digital files (ready to print), we do have a current minimum order of $75 for all customers. We do make exceptions for existing customers who have special needs on occasion and for those customers we waive the minimum.. We strive for quality and almost 20 years strictly in the field of giclee printing. Experience and quality come at a small price. Our target customer is a descerning artist who is willing to pay a fairly small minimum to obtain the highest grade giclee printing available on the market.

First Time Customers

When we started this business in 2003 only a handful of specialized printers were using this technology to assist artists with their needs; it has been a decade of prosperous business where we remained small but kept vey high quality standards; the owner and printmaker started giclee printimaking in 1995. Not many out there can claim these statistics. Giclee is all what we do.We print on archival art materials hand picked among hundreds of different types. We stick to what we think is the best. We are not the cheapest but we can assure you will not have a better print made anywhere else. And if a file supplied to us does not make the cut, we refuse to print it. It is better to lose income rather than provide a sub standard product. Our giclees are true to their name. We self regulate as there is no standard organization doing so. Do you want the best? Look no further without any set up fees but just a small minimum (for proofs) that any professional artist will have no problem with. And for those who want to test our capabilities, we offer low cost proofing. Sorry but we do not send out free samples. No serious artist will have an issue spending a few dollars to see what we can do. First time customers: place a final order above $200 and we will include a high end paper print (of your images) at no extra cost.

Give us a call or e-mail us with any questions regarding our printmaking process. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this site; we have useful information about our printing process and the marketing of fine art reproductions and limited edition giclée prints.

And don't worry if you do not understand the process; we are here to help; email or call us. We do not expect even seasoned pros to understand what it takes to make a great giclee. We will talk any time you need answers. No question is too "stupid"!

"By Fabio Braghi"

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